Top 5 Expectations of People from a Business Hotel in Metros

Top 5 Expectations of People from a Business Hotel in Metros

As a business traveler, people expect much more than a nice spacious room and delicious food. The expectations from a hotel differ a lot when you are going on a business trip and when you go for a leisure trip. One of the perfect examples of business destinations in India is Bangalore and hotels in Bangalore City, be it leisure or business hotels in Bangalore, are known for their hospitality and services. But what does a common business traveler expects from a business hotel?

Keeping in mind the intention and purpose of the visit of travelers, the classification of hotels are done. The business hotel is one of the many categories of hotels that address the needs and requirements of people who plan the business trip to other cities. The inflow of business travelers is high in metro cities because of the obvious reasons for growth and opportunities. While looking for accommodation during your business trip, business hotels can be the best option to ensure smooth completion of your task. Below are the top 5 expectations that people have from business hotels.

  1. Room Specifications: A room in the business hotel must have a workspace, table, and chair with a charging point to charge laptops and tablets. There must be sufficient lighting in the room. Just fancy lights are not going to do any good. Acoustics should be in favor of working.
  2. Wi-Fi: Internet access is mandatory. Today all types of hotels provide Wi-Fi facility, but with business hotels, it is not a choice. Rooms and even other common areas must be Wi-Fi enabled to facilitate the guests with uninterrupted work activities. Nowadays, almost everything and all communication happen over the internet. A hotel without Wi-Fi facility is no way a business hotel.
  3. Conference Room/Meeting Room: A good business hotel will definitely have conference rooms equipped with projectors, writing boards, and other essentials. Rather than looking for meeting spaces outside in the unknown city, people find it convenient to conduct meetings in the hotel boardroom.
  4. Travel Care: A business traveler is expected to do a lot of traveling in and around the city. So, they might need the help of hotel services to provide cab booking arrangements and private taxis for the same.
  5. Location: Finally, location plays a great part in choosing a hotel. The location of any business hotel must be proximal to business hubs and prime areas. A good location helps in saving a lot of travel time and provides quick access. Business travelers are always on the move and with a time crunch. A feasible location would help in the convenient accomplishment of work.

These are the bare minimum expectations from a business hotel. Apart from the above facilities, other expectations include café or bar, gym, restaurant, salon, and concierge services.


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